Muslim Scientists Who Changed The World

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Learning Islam
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Ever heard the name of Ibn Sina? Or Al-Khwarizmi? They are one of many Muslim scholars who have contributed to world civilization. Want to know them more closely? Here is a brief story of the people of the great Islamic past.

  1. Ibn Sina, better known as Avicenna among western people, was a philosopher, scientist, physician, and also a prolific writer in the 10th century. He recorded and described the anatomy of the human body fully for the first time. His work which is very well known is the “Qanun fi Thib” or “The Canon of Medicine” which is a reference in the field of medicine for centuries. Because of that, he is called the Father of Modern Medicine and the World Medical Man. Not only in the field of medicine, Ibn Sina is also known as an expert in the science of religion, mathematics, logic, physics, geometry, astronomy, metaphysics. Subhanallah …
  2. Abbas ibn Firnas, was the first to make the construction of airplanes and flying. In the 9th century, he designed a device and the wing shape as a bird costume. In a famous experiment in Cordoba, Spain, Firnas was flying high for some time before falling to the ground and broke his spine. The design is made apparently inspired the Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci, hundreds of years later.
  3. Al-Khwarizmi, Muslim mathematician who is better known by western people as Algorism. Apparently, the word “algorithm” is taken from the name, because it was he who invented the concept of the algorithm. He is also the inventor of several branches of mathematics known as an astronomer and geographer. Algebraic theory is also work of Al-Khwarizmi. Name ‘algebra’ is taken from his book “Al-Jabr Wa Al Muqabilah”. His other famous works is “Umar Khayam”, which has brought the number of mathematics to Europe via Spain. Not enough here, Al-Khwarizmi also developed a table that contains the details of the trigonometric functions of sine, cosine, and cotangent, and the concept of differentiation. So it turns out, mathematical theories that we have been learned so far is his contribution. Unbelievable …
  4. Ibn Al-Haitham, is a scientist who proved that humans see objects from the reflection of the light and into the eye, ignoring the theory of Euclid and Ptolemy that the light generated from within the eye itself. Among western people, he is known as Alhazen. He is an Islamic scholar who is an expert in the field of science, astronomy, mathematic, geometry, medicine, and philosophy. He also did a lot of investigation into the light, and has given inspiration to western scientists like Boger, Bacon, and Kepler in creating the microscope and telescope. Some of the books about the light that written by him has been translated into English, including “Light” and “On Twilight Phenomena”. Many studies discuss the dusk and halos around the moon and the sun and shadow, and the eclipse. He had found the principle of unified content of air before a scientist named Tricella knew about it 500 years later. He also had found the pull of gravity before Isaac Newton knew about it.

Subhanallah … those are just some of the great Muslim scientists, whose work is still used today. They lived, they also experienced youth like us, but they left remarkable deeds in their life. What about us?


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