Joey McIntyre – Stay The Same

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Happy Life, Music
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I just found out recently that this Joey is Joey from the phenomenal group, New Kids On The Block. Wow~ Even though I was not rooting for NKOTB (I only knew Step By Step), I knew that they were so well-known and leading the boys group trend in 90s and 2000s. Because of that, I decided to review Joey’s only song that I knew, Stay The Same.

This song was out in 1999. Yes, it is an old song but still relevance to be heard till now. I still can hear this song through radio recently. It is slow pop song, has such a 2000s pop song feels. Instead of having some ‘too romantic’ lyric like many others pop songs in that era, it is giving us some encourage meaning. It tells us to be and learn to love ourselves. Wishing to be someone else is like not accepting us as the way we are. Believe in ourselves then we’ll make it through.

Here is the lyric..

Don’t you ever wish
You were someone else
You were meant to be
The way you are exactly

Don’t you ever say
You don’t like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself
You’re better off by far

And I hope you always stay the same
‘Cause there’s nothing ’bout you I would change

I think that you could be
Whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize
All the dreams you have inside

Don’t be afraid
If you got something to say
Just open up your heart
And let it show you the way


Believe in yourself
Reach down inside
The love you find will set you free
Believe in yourself
You will come alive
Have faith in what you do
You’ll make it through



Don’t change


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