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My Job, My Dedication

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Happy Life, My Story

PKPU is one of nongovernmental organizations in Indonesia which concerns humanitarian affairs in society. PKPU already has branch around Indonesian region, including Surabaya, while the head office is in Jakarta. With tagline as national humanitarian organization, PKPU wants to be organizations helping people, reducing poverty, establishing community with financial freedom, supporting education, health, and environment.

There are 3 different departments in PKPU Surabaya. First is finance, human resource development, and support department. Second is marketing and public relations department. And third is program/project department.

I am one of two staffs in program department, with one head of department. Our main job is making program based on organization’s plan in a year and/or by request of organization’s partners (personal, organizations, companies, state agencies, etc). The execution of program started from planning, organizing, actualizing, controlling, and evaluating.

Their Happiness is My Happiness

It can be said that my job area is all about performing each program started from making concept/design until making evaluation in report-formed for our partners. Not only office-based job, I often have to go to the field of program also, getting sight of how the program execution suit with the concept. Sometimes three of us make a task distribution in a program, but sometimes we have to do the program all by ourselves. It is more like dedication than a job, and it is what I am looking for.