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Why do you want to learn Japanese? Is it because you like reading anime, watching dorama, and listening to J-Pop? Is it related to your current or future job or education? Or is it just because you love Japan and its culture? Maybe we would have different answers of those questions. The same thing is that we are willing to learn Japanese language and of course its culture. Because each country has different way or method of using language, we will learn about what are common and proper expressions or sayings among Japan society.

Like learning other languages, learning Japanese will need our commitment and passion. Because we are not native, of course it would be difficult for us to learn, pronoun, and understand it for the first time. But don’t make it as a burden. We just have to learn it slowly, consistently, but surely. And there are so many ways to make it more enjoyable. Read my article How To Learn Foreign Languages With Fun.

This Japanese lesson will contain 50 lessons that I will post under “Learning Japanese” category. Firstly, I will introduce basic syllables in Japanese. There are 46 syllables. Actually, those are unit of sounds, so each of its elements represent a sound. It’s not so difficult to pronoun. Except for the exceptions, we just have to read what is already written on it. It would be easy for us to remember it as long as we obey the standard pattern and rhythm.

There are 2 kinds of Japanese syllables, Hiragana and Katakana. Hiragana is mostly used to make Japanese words. Katakana is used to make loanwords or foreign names, so that Japanese person would not confuse with what we’re trying to say. They have the same amount and kind of syllables but with differences in writing kanji. We can see it below..



Click here to know how to pronounce the syllables

Credit: NHK World Radio Japan