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Kansha is…

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Others
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Kansha is Japanese word (hiragana: かんしゃ, kanji: 感謝). I knew this word first as title of Japanese song sang by RSP (and it’s an anime soundtrack). I’m not really like the song, but I do fall in love with the word, don’t know why. Then I started to look what the meaning of it. And I get surprised. It has such a good and positive meaning.

Kansha means thanks, appreciation, or gratitude. It’s beautiful. Maybe it still and will be my favorite word of all time. Why? Because I want and try to be a grateful person. I feel so thankful with all I have in my past and present, and I will try to be thankful with what I’ll get in the future. Because in my opinion, the key to be happy living person is gratitude. When we feel grateful for what we’ve got and tried, we’ll be happy. Even if it’s good or bad thing, when we feel grateful, we’ll seek what’s the meaning behind all of that. Because everything happens with its reason. Just believe that it’s for our own goodness.

There are so many things we should grateful for. Our birth, families, friends, even for the reason why we’re still living by now. We already had so many things that we didn’t ask for, we still can eat, drink, earn for living, love, feel, talk, walk, see the world around, etc. Why do we have to bother what we don’t have yet? I hope that would be my everyday reflection. Hope you’ll too. So, lets kansha for life… 🙂


I have always been liking something in the end when hated it first. It happened with Facebook, then Twitter, and finally this one, Blog. Don’t know how suddenly I have intention of writing something more than just short status’. Well, as this activity is a good thing, I’m really looking forward what will I write in the future. And the last thing, I really love to learn any language especially English and Japan. It is so possible that I will use this blog to express my learning, because writing could become learning. Last but not least, keep fighting Kansha! Ganbarimasu ^^

Hello world!

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Others

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